Jackie Strano

Jackie Strano by Denise Macias

Jackie Strano is a singer/songwriter who fronted the popular 90’s queer band, The Hail Marys and has performed on stages from coast to coast from CBGB’s to the Fillmore…her music is featured on the soundtrack of the Hollywood noir lesbo classic, Bound and in other features including Sundance Selection 2003, Radical Harmonies, a documentary about the origins of women’s music. Strano’s writing has been published in anthologies such as Pills, Thrills, Chills, and Heartache. Strano is a first generation American, a daughter and grand-daughter of holocaust survivors and is currently working on a dreamscape/novella/semi-autobiography called Chicagoland. Strano’s autobiography of post lesbian sex wars/feminist porn boogie dykes glitterati butch/femme renaissance called Sex, Indulgence, & Rocknroll is also another work in progress.

As the Executive Vice President of Good Vibrations, Jackie Strano runs the legendary sex positive multi-channel retailer trusted for over 35 years for quality sex toys, educational movies, and a safe welcoming environment to explore your sexuality and become more sexually confident. She is the co-founder of S.I.R. Video Productions with her wife Shar Rednour. Together they created the cult classic, Bend Over Boyfriend and are the only dyke owned, independently owned production company to ever win an AVN award for Best Feature with their ode to butch/femme desire- Hard Love & How to Fuck In High Heels. S.I.R. has been featured in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Self, Salon.com, Village Voice, and various other publications and in documentaries including Hot & Bothered: Feminist Pornography, HBO’s 6 part series Pornocopia, KRON’s The History of Sex in San Francisco, and UK’s The Truth About Lesbian Sex.



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