New single, Stargazer, available for download here:

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Below are some links to random samplings of Jackie Strano’s full catalog so far. Please enjoy music from different albums and projects of Jack’s including The Hail Marys, The Passengers, and Solo recorded work. The Hail Marys recorded, mastered, and released several CDs including Sex Child, California King, and a Self Titled EP. and Strano recorded and released 2 solo CDs and The Passengers released a full self titled CD. Strano is featured on The Servants’ debut recording done at the historic Record Plant in Sausalito. Jackie Strano is the main songwriter on all songs accompanied by Debbie Torrey for 2 Hail Marys & Passengers CDs and Peter Hudson and Christine (Chris) Dean on early Hail Marys music. A recent recording and project, LadyKillers, released a digital single, Smash (the) Patriarchy written by Strano on Die Laughing Records in 2019. New songs are coming soon since recording began in May 2022 for basic tracks here with Rick Salt in Nanaimo. A recent single release can be found HERE



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