Here you will find some links to random samplings of Jackie Strano’s full catalog so far. Please enjoy music from different albums and projects of Jackie’s including The Hail Marys, The Passengers, and Solo recorded work. The Hail Marys recorded, mastered, and released several CDs including Sex Child, California King, Self Titled EP, and Jackie Strano recorded and released 2 solo CDs and The Passengers released a full self titled CD. Jackie Strano was the main songwriter on all songs accompanied by Debbie Torrey for 2 Hail Marys & Passengers CDs and Peter Hudson on early Hail Marys music. Jack’s new band, LadyKillers released their single, Smash (the) Patriarchy on Die Laughing Records on August 30th 2019 to rave reviews! There are many other songs to be recorded by Ladykillers and more solo as Strano has never stopped writing. Tune in often!

Discography, history, and more songs will be continually added as this site is currently being created.       

Smash (the) Patriarchy by LadyKillers on Die Laughing Records released 8/30/19   

                                               Second Narrows is the title track from Jackie’s solo album.

Godspeed is from The Hail Marys California King CD

The Hail Marys from the soundtrack of BOUND Hopeless Faith

Jackie Strano solo album Cold Comfort

Jackie Strano first solo album The Queen of Amador County

Jackie Strano solo album Closer Now

Jackie Strano solo album Before You Bury Me

Jackie Strano solo album The Healer

The Hail Marys album California King  Sissybar

The Hail Marys from 7 song EP Saltlik

The Hail Marys from California King Emotional Scars

The Passenger’s album The Passengers NOLA Deliver Me

The Passenger’s album The Passengers Broken Open

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